BRYDGE's Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) in JAPAN

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The Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) aims to provide student interns the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes in a multicultural work environment. The program allows interns to experience applied learning and cross-cultural training exposure in the promotion of global competitiveness. By immersing in another culture, interns broaden their interpersonal skills and cultural understanding, which are relevant to succeed in a global community.

Affords a rewarding “Learning while Earning” experience to suitable and highly qualified university students through its international practicum program.

Provides competent and professional industry training at a world-class work environment, greatly increasing the opportunities for regular overseas employment after the program.

Properly installed and efficient feedback and monitoring system to guarantee the participants’ welfare and protection at all times , thereby ensuring the student trainees’ sound development as a professional and resulting in more opportunities for them to pursue their chosen career path in the industry.

The student interns have 24/7 access to assistance provided by trusted host establishment partners.

The BRYDGE (Better Road for Youth Development and Gainful Employment) Program provides Quality Assurance to the University and future employers by the end of the training program, that all of its participants are thoroughly trained and equipped with highly competitive qualifications and skills most sought after in the hospitality industry.

Facilitation fee payable to BRYDGE (Better Road for Youth Development and Gainful Employment) for its assistance in the processing of documents with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Bureau of Immigration, Embassy of the host country, visa application, host country program fees, bank fees, transfer fees, accommodation arrangements, scheduled visitations at the host country for feedback and monitoring, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Our partner training hotels and establishments shoulder the expenses related to the student trainees’ stay at the host country, including:

Free accommodation

3 meals a day will be provided

Utilities are no-charge (electricity and water)

Students will be visited and checked upon 3 times if internship is 6 months; 4 times if their internship is 8 months and longer to ensure their wellbeing and the proper progress of their internship training

Free skiing experience, if the student is assigned to a ski resort

An internship training allowance will be given every month

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